LENOVO-hruby vyber-1002

Project management and fit-out of 3 floors for Lenovo within the newest office development by J&T Real Estate.

Lenovo, a leading company in PC manufacturing, decided, due to the relocation of Headquarters, to create new, modern space for their employees in Bratislava.

The complete design of the offices was created by our Project and Development Services (PDS) team which also covered the entire project in terms of workspace consultancy. The final design was aimed at a wide diversity of the team based on the type and nature of the job role being performed. A special room was created as a technical laboratory within the project, which was subject to extra requirements for acoustics, power and data connection and HVAC. Moreover, the PDS team also took the environment into consideration and therefore the project incorporated biophilic design, sustainable and energy efficient elements.

In the end, our PDS team handled the requirements with excellence. The client was extremely satisfied and delighted with the design of their new offices.