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Expansion & Project Management in Galvaniho Business Centre IV


Within a short period of time, our team was able to deliver a design proposal for the expansion of Hyundai’s office space in Galvaniho Business Center IV, along with its construction. It was a 300-square-meter expansion that would focus on collaboration spaces. An interesting part of the project was that not even one new workplace was created. Instead, the project brought different types of collaboration areas.

Quote from the client: “When we bought the apartment some time ago, we entrusted the interior design and the entire implementation to architects. It turned out a hundred times better than if we had done it ourselves. I understood why professional work is best done by professionals. “Then, when we decided to expand and upgrade our offices, we entrusted the whole thing to the experts at JLL (former iO Partners). It turned out a thousand times better than if we had done it ourselves, and within the agreed deadline. Job well done!”