Covestro opening their first branch in Slovakia

Covestro came to Slovakia as a new company, where they opened their first branch. The company decided to settle down in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, and the whole project was made “from scratch”.

The project in 2017 included project management, cost management and design for Covestro. Our Project and Development Services (PDS) team had to create a flexible space, as they didn’t yet know the structures of the teams. The PDS team came up with a design in which the space offers various zones for different kinds of work, such as focus rooms for individual work, meeting rooms for collaboration as well as space for social gathering.

Our team created a new identity for Covestro Slovakia. The client was so happy with the work of our PDS team that when they decided for 1.200 square meters expansion in 2019, they again entrusted our PDS team with the project.